Top 5 Songs

1. My favorite song is Just the way you are. It is written by Bruno Mars. It is my favorite song right now because it is so sweet. The lyrics are super cute and it reminds me of my friend because she sings it in a weird voice that makes me laugh.

Bruno Mars Bruno Mars   Move On

2. My second favorite song is by boys like girls. The song is Two is better then one. Featuring Taylor Swift. It is a sweet song as well. It is sort of an older song but I like it because it has a nice beat and it is me and my friends song. Even though it is talking about relationships, we changed it to friendships.


3. Smile by Uncle Kracker is my third favorite song. It is also my moms ringtone because my aunt hates that song and we find it funny to joke around and annoy her. This song is sweet just like my other two favoriet songs. I like it because its sweet and it doesn’t get anyone easily.

4. My fourth favorite song is I like it. Pitbull sings in this song, but Enrique Iglesias sings it.. It sort of new but it does get annoying so I do not listen to if often. When my friends and I hear this song we always dance. We don’t slow dance for this song! My friends and I dance to any song we hear just for the fun of it. When I listen to this song it makes me think of all the good times I have had with my friends dancing to this song.


5. My fifth favorte song is like a G6 by Far East Movment. I like this song because it has a nice beat to it. My friends and I dance to this song to and it’s not hard since the beat is so good.



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  1. Hey! My name is Malia. I live in Nebraska. I really like about all of the songs you put up! I really love Just the way you are. I know the whole song. I have it memorized by heart.:) It is an amazing song! I have all those songs on my iPod. I like it is a really good dance song:) They make me all pumped up!

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