My top 5 Favorite Candies

1. Skittles are  my favorite candy. They are rain bowed color, little circles, that taste really good! There are tropical, sour, berry, and original skittles. Red is my favorite skittle.

Skittles Candy

2.Snickers-It has caramel, nuts, and covered in chocolate. Together it makes a wonderful taste in my mouth!

3.Kit Kat- A wafer covered in chocolate. Its crunchy, but yummy at the same time. When I eat a kit kat I always try to pull apart the wafers.

4.Starburst-They are colorful, chewy, little pieces of candies. They have many different flavors. My favorite color starburst is pink. I don’t chew on it I suck on it.

5.Ice Cream- I consider ice cream as candy because it has sugar, and has a yummy taste. It also has milk, and many other things. I love the way it dissolves in my mouth.

7 thoughts on “My top 5 Favorite Candies

  1. Hi Camrene! My name is Kenzie. We played fall ball together. I totally agree with you about the ice cream being a candy. As long as it’s not really healthy and has lots of sugar i think it’s a candy. Comment back!

  2. your favorite candy,Skittles, are awesome. I think red is the best too. What is your least favorite one.

  3. My least favorite would have to be purple. I like grapes just not grape flavored things. Even though that sounds kind of weird!(:

  4. Hey Camrene, did you know we have all the same favorite candies except for one? That’s probably because we were sitting next to each other when we did it though. Owell, ha-ha, comment me back.

  5. Hi this is Shelby. I like all your choices, except for the Skittles. I am not a very big fan of Skittles. But I do prefer them over M’n’Ms. What is your least favorite candy in the whole world? Mine would be Heath Bars. Write back soon to

  6. hey its cory. i like ice cream and i guess it is candy. i like kitkats they are very good. skittles i like alot, accept for the purple ones. dont really like them. you should comment me back. im going to go now, bye.

  7. I no right its not like we purposly did it or anything…. Or did we? lol 🙂 comment me back:)
    ~ Megz<3<3<3

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