Toy Story 3

Toy story three  is one hundred and three minutes long. Some of the cast members are Joan Cusack, Ned Beatty, Don Rickles, and Emily Hahn. The director of this movie is Lee Unkrich. This movie is rated G. It is rated 8.7 out of ten.

Andy (John Morris) is going off to college. While cleaning his room he finds his childhood toys. He decides he wants to take Woody ( Tom Hanks) to college with him but put the rest in the attic. His mom mistakingly puts them on the side of the road for the trash man. They want to go to daycare since they think Andy(John Morris) doesn’t want them anymore. In daycare they don’t like it anymore and try to go home.

I love this movie for many reasons. One reason is it  is funny. The characters are toys and play around. The kid in the movie from day care makes me laugh. He takes Mr.Potatoes eye and shoves it up his nose. The kid looks very funny! Another funny part of the movie is when Barbie( Jodi Benson) ties Ken(Michael Keaton) up and ripes up his clothes. One other part is in the beginning when they are on the train and they blow it up. These are just three of the many funny parts of this movie.

Another reason I love this movie is because the people in the movie are caring. They are willing to do anything for each other. For example when Woody(Tom Hanks) tries to save the rest of the toys from the trash bag. They make it out by their self by using Rex’s (Wallace Shawn) tail. Another caring time is in the end when the baby helps Andy’s (John Morris) toys. They are trying to escape from the daycare but Lots-o-huggin Bear (Ned Beatty) won’t let them escape. Big baby helps them get out.

Finally I like this movie for all its special affects. One special affect is it being in 3-D. It looks like it is actually coming out and touching you. It doesn’t really touch you but it looks like it will. This affect is very cool and tricks people. At sometimes it may scare you but it is cool. Another affect is how it is also is a show on ice. Disney turned it into a show that is on ice. People dress up as the characters from the movie and play it out.  Not every movie can make it into a show on ice.

I would advise people who don’t get scared easily to go see this.If you don’t like mean people I advise you not to go see this movie.  I give this movie a thumbs up because it is funny and entertaining.